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Queer Adventurers is an outdoor travel blog for LGBTQIA folks. While I use LGBTQ and queer interchangeably on the blog, please know that however you identify under the rainbow umbrella, I see you, I appreciate you, I respect you, and I’m working to make travel more equitable – and joyful – for all LGBTQIA people.

Here, you’ll find everything from outdoor adventure basics and safety tips written for a queer travel audience, to in-depth guides to LGBTQ-friendly trail towns, National Parks, and other destinations for active travelers, to helpful itineraries for making the most of your journey to first-person stories about what it’s like for rural LGBTQ folks and queer outdoor travelers.

While this queer travel blog started in 2022, the gem of the idea was planted back in 2019 at the New York Times Travel Show.

Upon listening to a keynote speech on LGBTQ travel that focused exclusively on safety concerns and used emotional advertising appeals to convince audience members they needed the structure of a tour group to avoid homophobic and transphobic incidents during travel, Lindsey knew there was a disconnect between the queer traveler experience, the wants and needs of LGBTQ travelers, and the tour companies courting our business. By reducing our diverse and varied needs and interests to one concern, safety, the industry marginalized queer travelers.

Inspired to tell a more nuanced and inclusive story of queer travel, Lindsey began dreaming up this initiative.

About Lindsey

Lindsey (any pronouns) is a queer, gender nonconforming travel writer. Currently based in the Hudson Valley, Lindsey has also lived in Boston and San Francisco, been to 44 states (so far), and traveled internationally in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Lindsey regularly hikes and kayaks in the Hudson Valley where she lives with her wife, 2 dogs, and bunny rabbit. She also enjoys (and aspires to find more time to) do yoga, standup paddle board, and get better at bird and fungi identification.

While Lindsey started Queer Adventurers in 2022, Lindsey has been covering travel and LGBTQ topics for over a decade as a freelance writer. Lindsey has written about queer travel for Condé Nast Traveler, AFAR, TripSavvy, Longreads, and elsewhere. For more, explore comprehensive lists of Lindsey’s publications, including clips and personal essays.

Lindsey is committed to writing for LGBTQ audiences from a liberatory framework, which highlights the systemic barriers holding LGBTQ people back from full liberation while reclaiming spaces for queer joy. On the page, this looks like broadening the types of queer stories that get told, amplifying the voices of other LGBTQ folks through oral histories and interviews, honoring our queer elders and our allies, pushing for broader inclusion and representation of LGBTQ experiences within travel, and supporting other liberation movements including (but not limited to) BLM and MMIW.

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