Runners in a road race

These 200 Inclusive Road Races Allow Nonbinary Runners

While nine states passed laws banning trans youth from participating in team sports this year, adult sports are doubling down on LGBTQI inclusion. To date, there are over 200 road races - including some of the most competitive marathons - that allow nonbinary runners. Read on for a list of US and international marathons that accept nonbinary runners to add to your LGBTQ travel plans, plus some context. on why inclusion of nonbinary athletes is so important.

Anti-Trans Laws are a Queer Travel Issue

Anti-trans and anti-queer legislation is on the rise across the country, and it's leading some queer families to leave homes they love. LGBTQIA folks want to be themselves in the world, and they need to know how much of themselves they can be when they travel. These new laws make LGBTQ+ safety an everyday issue by criminalizing our existences and stripping away choices we make to be ourselves.