Map of US with pushpins to visited destinations.

This Week in LGBTQ Travel News #4

This Pride month, we’re tracking the rise in anti-LGBTQ legislation in the US and the occasional bright spot for queer travel worldwide. This LGBTQ travel news update covers June 21-28, 2023. Read on to see what’s new in the LGBTQ travel landscape this week including resources unpacking anti-LGBTQ laws in all 50 states, how anti-LGBTQ laws impact LGBTQIA adventure travelers, and a new report on the future of queer travel.
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What do LGBTQ Travelers Want in 2023?

I'm excited to explore the top trends from a new report by MMGY and unpack the top takeaways for LGBTQ travelers in the US. Before we dig into the data, it's worth mentioning that a majority of those surveyed (60%) belong to Gen Z and Millennial generations. These aren't the preferences of older demographics - they're what younger, active travelers expect.