The Best Hotel Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

The Best Hotel Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Whenever I head out on a solo trip, I take extra time looking for the right accommodation. One where I can come back to my room at the end of the day, relax, and be myself without worrying about what could go wrong. So I surveyed solo female travelers on hotel safety and included my own LGBTQ travel safety tips. Keep reading for a list of hotel safety tips for solo women and nonbinary folks.
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LGBTQ Owned Brands to Support This Holiday Season

One of the best ways to support queer community is to buy from LGBTQ-owned brands. This puts money directly into the hands of LGBTQ small business owners. This queer inclusive holiday shopping guide focuses on practical gifts for active travelers themed around clothing, accessories, and travel snacks.
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These 200 Inclusive Road Races Allow Nonbinary Runners

While nine states passed laws banning trans youth from participating in team sports this year, adult sports are doubling down on LGBTQI inclusion. To date, there are over 200 road races - including some of the most competitive marathons - that allow nonbinary runners. Read on for a list of US and international marathons that accept nonbinary runners to add to your LGBTQ travel plans, plus some context. on why inclusion of nonbinary athletes is so important.