9 Lesbian Travel Groups to See the World With

9 Lesbian Travel Groups to See the World With

Are you looking for lesbian travel groups? Discover 9 amazing LGBTQ+ women owned tour groups catering to lesbians and queer women exclusively. While it's wonderful that allies support queer travelers, sometimes we want to travel in the company of other queer women exclusively to feel safe, supported, and to create connections that come from being in all-queer spaces.
The Best Hotel Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

The Best Hotel Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Whenever I head out on a solo trip, I take extra time looking for the right accommodation. One where I can come back to my room at the end of the day, relax, and be myself without worrying about what could go wrong. So I surveyed solo female travelers on hotel safety and included my own LGBTQ travel safety tips. Keep reading for a list of hotel safety tips for solo women and nonbinary folks.
Rainbow painted street in LGBTQ Reykjavik.

How to Spend 2 days in Reykjavik, Iceland’s LGBTQ Capital

Iceland is an incredible tourist destination packed with activities all year round. It's worth a visit AT LEAST once in your life. No Iceland vacation is complete without a stop in Reykjavik, which is not only Iceland's capital, it's the center of LGBTQ Iceland! This guide to Reykjavik is written for queer travelers and covers how to spend 2 days in Reykjavik, including what to eat and LGBTQ friendly hotels!
Picture of a tulip field in full bloom with yellow, orange, pink and green blooms. A windmill and small barn with an orange roof are in the background of the photo. Picture is taken in Holland in Spring.

Travel Out and Proud With These 3 Travel Brands

Are you looking for travel companies that run trips exclusively for gay and lesbian travelers? While there are tour groups like Olivia that cater exclusively to lesbian travelers, mainstream brands are increasingly offering LGBTQ-only trips. From a tour of major US Pride festivals to inclusive Europe, see how tour companies are meeting the needs of queer travelers with itineraries built around destinations with thriving LGBTQ communities.
View of Old Quebec and Chateau Frontenac

Queer Quebec: The Ultimate Gay Quebec City Travel Guide

Montreal is a major LGBTQ travel destination, with a huge gayborhood and epic Pride festival. I’ve been lucky enough to attend Montreal Pride twice, and it was a travel highlight for me. In contrast, there aren’t as many activities or places to go for LGBTQ travelers to Quebec City. Some places are for gay men only which narrows the options for the rest of us. There is a silver lining to have a smaller LGBTQ scene. When there are fewer places for lesbian and gay Quebec City places to go, you won’t have to worry about missing out! This guide to lesbian and gay Quebec City things to do will help you explore the queer side of Quebec on your next vacation.
A horse-drawn carriage drives tourists past a row of rainbow colored houses in Charleston, South Carolina.

16 LGBTQ Walking Tours for LGBTQ History Month

Learning about queer history on LGBTQ walking tours is a great way to explore a new city, or even get a new perspective on the place you call home. In honor of LGBTQ history month, here are 16 LGBTQ walking tours in US cities to add to your queer travel bucket list.