Queer Quebec: The Ultimate Gay Quebec City Travel Guide

View of Old Quebec and Chateau Frontenac

Are you looking for the best gay Quebec City things to do? This post covers the best places to stay and things to do in Quebec City for all LGBTQ travelers.

Montreal is a major LGBTQ travel destination, with a huge gayborhood and epic Pride festival. I’ve been lucky enough to attend Montreal Pride twice, and it was a travel highlight for me.

In contrast, there aren’t as many activities or places to go for LGBTQ travelers to Quebec City. Some places are for gay men only which narrows the options for the rest of us.

There is a silver lining to have a smaller LGBTQ scene. When there are fewer places for lesbian and gay Quebec City places to go, you won’t have to worry about missing out!

View of Chateau Frontenac in Old Quebec, near gay Quebec City things to do in Saint-Jean.
Chateau Frontenac in Old Quebec

Is Quebec LGBTQ Friendly?

Canada has long been considered one of the safest destinations in the world for LGBTQ travelers.

The country decriminalized homosexuality back in 1969, and had full marriage rights well before the US did! LGBTQ Canadians are generally open about their identities.

Since LGBTQ Canadians enjoy the same rights as the general population, lesbian and gay Quebec City travelers can be themselves without having to worry about how it comes off!

Quebec as a province is no exception when it comes to welcoming gay and lesbian travelers.

Even though Quebec City’s LGBTQ scene is on the small side, you’ll be accepted, you can show affection, and you generally won’t have to worry about anything unpleasant happening. The city is safe and tends to be progressive. Don’t be surprised if you spot rainbow flags hanging from hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Does Quebec City Have a Gayborhood? Where do Gay and Lesbian Travelers Stay in Quebec?

View of historic stone building in Quebec City gay friendly neighborhood.
There are a few LGBTQ friendly neighborhoods in Quebec City


Saint-Jean-Baptiste is the closest thing to a Quebec City gay neighborhood.

The neighborhood has a small but thriving selection of gay bars.

Saint-Jean as it’s called is a bohemian neighborhood with lots of cute cafes, restaurants, and secondhand shops. It’s located in the middle of the city, right near the attractions of Old Quebec. If you’re looking to base yourself in the center of the city, consider booking an LGBTQ friendly hotel in Saint-Jean.


Saint-Roch is an old industrial neighborhood that is currently experiencing new life as an arts district. The main street, Rue Saint Joseph Est, offers microbrasseries, art galleries, vintage stores, third wave coffee shops, ethnic restaurants, and live music venues.

We stayed in Saint-Roch for a few days. The neighborhood had more of a grungy feel than Saint-Jean. We never felt unsafe walking around. It felt like a real Quebec City neighborhood where people live – and a budget travel place to rent a cheap apartment and self-cater to save money on travel.

I enjoyed Saint-Roch for the food and drink scene. Every night, we went to a different microbrasserie to enjoy a beer. Korrigane was my favorite in the area with lots of yummy sounding seasonal beers to choose from.

There were so many amazing sounding restaurants to choose from, but hands down my favorite was Izakaya Hono, a Japanese tavern. Do yourself a favor and make reservations in advance, so you don’t have to wait outside for a table.


Limoilou is known as a family-oriented neighborhood. It doesn’t have an LGBTQ presence in the way that Saint-Roch or Saint-Jean do, however I would recommend it for LGBTQ family travel.

It’s pretty cheap to find an apartment rental and – bonus – you don’t have to worry about metered or permit street parking the way you do elsewhere.

There are parks and playgrounds for LGBTQ families with younger kids, including a great walking/bike path along the Saint Charles River. During the summer, restaurants have outdoor seating and some of the streets close to cars for pedestrian only.

We stayed here for a few days and enjoyed the chill, relaxed vibe of the area. After a long day of sightseeing, it was nice to relax on the front porch of our apartment rental.

Limoilou was also much cheaper, making it a good neighborhood for LGBTQ budget travelers!

As a bonus, there’s easy on/off access to the highway for Quebec City day trips to Jacques Cartier National Park, Ile d’Orleans or Wendake. So don’t worry that if you are staying in Limoilou you’ll be far away from everything.

Best Quebec Gay Bars

Interior of a Quebec City gay bar with rainbow flags outside.
Quebec City gay bars are clustered in Saint-Jean.

Le Drague Cabaret Club (815 Rue Saint-Augustin): If you are only going to one Quebec City gay bar, make it Le Drague. It’s the biggest dance club in Quebec with a nice outdoor terrace. The scene here is inclusive – and you’ll even see a few allies in the mix here.

Bar St-Matthew’s (889 Côte Sainte-Geneviève): A block from Le Drague, St-Matthew’s caters to a gay male crowd. Friday night drag shows come recommended.

Bar Le Sacrilege (447 Rue Saint-Jean): Le Sacrilege is popular with the LGBTQ community but it’s not exclusively a gay bar. Come for the wide selection of craft beer and garden terrace.

Le Noctem (438 Rue du Parvis): Located in Saint-Roch, this microbrewery has a huge tap list and comfort food menu. Grab nachos or a burger and rest your feet after a day of exploring Old Quebec. They’re open until 3 am so stop in for a late night drink.

When is Quebec City Pride? Is Quebec Pride Worth Visiting?

Quebec City Pride is called Arc-en-ciel, the French word for Rainbow. Held over Labor Day weekend, the three day festival is both a celebration of LGBTQ rights and an arts and culture festival. Over 30,000 people come for the parade, drag shows, LGBTQ movies, and live music.

Quebec Pride is much smaller than Montreal Pride. But it’s held at a different time of year. If you’re looking for an LGBTQ long weekend getaway, consider checking it out!

Keep up to date with Quebec City gay and lesbian events at Fugues, Quebec’s LGBTQ magazine.

Quebec City Things to Do

Whether you have only a day in Quebec City, 2 days in Quebec City or a week, there are so many activities to do!

In addition to the Quebec City gay bars and clubs, choose a blend of activities focused on Quebec City nature and outdoors, history and Francophone culture, and food/drink. Check out my favorite day trips from Quebec City and these itineraries that include Old Quebec City attractions.

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